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Laser technology application and characteristics

The laser is one of the four major inventions of the 20th century, which are as famous as atomic energy, semiconductors and computers. For decades, laser-based laser technology has developed rapidly, and it has been widely used in various fields such as industrial and agricultural production, energy and power, communication and information processing, medical and health, military, cultural and artistic, and scientific and technological research.

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Laser characteristics

High brightness, high directivity, high monochromaticity and high coherence are the four characteristics of laser.

(1) High brightness of laser: The brightness of solid-state laser can be as high as 1011W/cn2Sr. Not only that, after the laser beam with high brightness is focused by the lens, it can produce thousands of degrees or even tens of thousands of high temperatures near the focus, which makes it possible to process almost all materials.

(2) High directivity of the laser: The high directivity of the laser enables it to effectively transmit a long distance while also ensuring a very high power density for focusing. These two points are important conditions for laser processing.

(3) High monochromaticity of the laser: Because the monochromaticity of the laser is extremely high, it ensures that the beam can be accurately focused on the focal point, and a high power density is obtained.

(4) High coherence of laser: Coherence mainly describes the phase relationship of each part of the light wave.

It is precisely because the laser has the singular characteristics as described above that it has been widely used in the fields of life, industrial processing, military, scientific research and so on.

Laser application

Lasers are mainly used for laser processing in industry. Laser processing is non-contact processing, the workpiece is clean, the mechanical damage is less, and the precision is high, and the processing time is short. In the electronics industry, lasers can perform fine-tuning of functions of electronic components, material evaporation, and wire bonding.

The laser has high brightness, narrow beam and excellent coherence. It is a rare coherent light source in precision measurement. Laser can also be used to measure the flow velocity of gas or liquid.

In information engineering, lasers are widely used in laser communication, holography, laser information storage, laser printing, laser large-screen stereoscopic display, laser image processing, etc.

In medicine, the main advantage of laser treatment is that there is no or less bleeding, and the area of ​​action is small, and it does not harm the surrounding healthy tissues. The patient has no pain and no infection, and the probability of source of disease is small.

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