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Laser technology is the basis of optoelectronic technology

  • Author:Jessica
  • Release on:2017-07-05
  In the 21st century, the knowledge-based economy is dominant, and the development of high and new technology is the inevitable choice to usher in the era of knowledge economy.
  The most important and advanced technology which is widely recognized in the global industry is optoelectronic technology. He will become the pillar industry of the 21st century.In photoelectric technology, one of its basic technologies is laser technology.
Science predicts that by 2005, photovoltaic industry output value will reach the electronic industrial production level, to 2010, dominated by photoelectric information technology of the information industry will form a $5 trillion industry scale, by the year 2010 to 2015, photoelectric industry could replace the traditional electronic industry.Photoelectric technology will continue to promote the revolution and progress of human science and technology after microelectronics.
  Laser technology and industry of the 21st century will support and promote the development of high-speed, broadband, vast amounts of optical communication and network communication, and will cause a lighting technology revolution, small, reliable, long life, energy saving semiconductor (LED) will dominate the market, in addition to launch a wide range of optoelectronic consumer products (such as VCD, DVD, digital cameras, new color TV, handheld electronic products, smart phones, hand-held audio broadcast equipment, office automation, photography, projection and imaging optoelectronic devices such as laser printing, fax and copy, etc.) as well as the new information display technology products, such as the CRT, LCD, PDP, FED and OEL display, etc.) and into People's Daily life.