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Laser technology, leading ultra-fine logo mark

Today, there are many marking processes involved in many product manufacturing processes. It is imperative to create a marking machine that permanently marks on a variety of different material surfaces in order to ensure that the various products exhibit the desired pattern of etching, text, bar codes, and the like.

Recently, Carmanhaas has created a fiber laser marking machine for metal and various metal materials such as high-alloy, oxide, electroplating, coating and other materials to provide permanent, reliable and efficient marking for various products Standard effect.

Marking effect is through the evaporation of surface material to reveal the deep material, which carved beautiful patterns, icons and text, through the light can lead to physical changes in the surface material and "carve out" traces, or burn some of the material by light energy , Showing the desired pattern of etching, text, bar codes and other graphics. To ensure the permanent logo, you must use special hardware to be supported. The policy-dimensional fiber laser marking machine uses a pulse width adjustable fiber laser, with good beam quality, the first pulse available, pulse width adjustment range and so on.

Dimension fiber laser marking machine oblique side

The laser consists of a light path module and a circuit module. Among them, the output isolator in the optical module can effectively shield the reflected light, and can be operated on the highly reflective high-reflective materials such as gold, silver, copper and silicon without deviating from the center of the field lens, which greatly widens the application field.

Fiber lasers are heavily doped with doped fibers (special fibers incorporating rare earth elements such as erbium, ytterbium and the like in conventional glass-containing quartz substrates) as the laser medium and are pumped by high power multimode laser diodes System reliability.

The circuit module uses the pump system, in addition to the consistent high reliability, excellent efficiency and excellent overall efficiency of the Celeron products, the energy conversion efficiency can be greatly improved. This laser power 10W / 20W / 30W / 50W optional, relative to krypton lamp pump laser equipment, there are several times longer working life and less than 1/4 of the power consumption. Reduce the heat dissipation of the equipment to the outside world, and reduce the air conditioning and refrigeration needs thus needed. No special chiller is needed and the air is cooled in the air, the cost is lower and the stability is better.

Fiber laser marking machine side

The circuit module using ultra-high-speed galvanometer system can increase the mark speed, thus ensuring ultra-high speed marking. Self-developed control system, friendly interface, easy operation, suitable for a wide range of people. At the same time can be directly imported standard Plt file or Dxf file, easy to handle.

Goggle system

In order to improve product marking accuracy, this marking machine comes standard with high-quality fiber laser, optional XY mobile platform, Z-axis fast focus platform, the laser device can actively locate the target product angle and position, to achieve precision Standard and welding, marking accuracy can be controlled within a wire (0.01mm). Can be applied to a wider range of product markings, suitable for plastic, spray products such as mobile phones keys, power adapters, ICs, metal products and other products requiring high precision.

Fiber laser marking machine applications

In addition, the fiber laser marking machine insists on the concept of low energy consumption, the relative peak power of the selected fiber laser is higher, and the current required for marking is smaller so that the marking machine has a longer life and the average life of the fiber laser can reach More than 100,000 hours. At the same time, the user strictly in accordance with the procedures and requirements of equipment operation and maintenance on schedule, will extend the service life of the laser has a great help.