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Laser technology power electrical appliances enterprise product upgrade

  "China made 2025", "smart factory", "industrial 4.0" and a series of national strategy, is the country to macroeconomic policy to guide the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing enterprises, toward the low-carbon economy, intelligent manufacturing step forward an important step forward. 2015 - 2025 as "Made in China 2025" Golden Decade, China's laser market ushered in a good opportunity, industrial manufacturing areas of the increasingly deep demand for laser technology to Chinese laborers as the representative of the Chinese laser industry pioneer and leader, to continue Maintained a high growth, fruitful.
  2015, the United States and the use of advanced laser processing laser processing technology to complete the automatic transformation of air-conditioning production line, 2016 Chinese laborers laser to actively expand the field of white home appliances laser applications, and Haier, TCL ,, AUX and other mainstream manufacturers to cooperate for its air conditioning, , Washing machine, remote control, small appliances to bring a new label nameplate laser solutions, 2017, laborers laser power and other large enterprises to upgrade the industry, to provide advanced sets of advanced technology to upgrade the laser application program.
  The traditional way, household appliances product parameters commonly used PET, PVC, coated paper and other materials, need to first produced, and then by the artificial paste, low efficiency, and the label easily torn, paste, bubble, etc., and the need for a large number of label paper Consumables, consumption, not environmental protection at the same time need to increase manpower and operating time, high production costs.
  The original plastic label is replaced by laser marking.Processing methods from the traditional manual labeling to laser automatic marking, can improve production efficiency, save manpower and a large number of supplies at the same time, more environmentally friendly and efficient.