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Life of these "high pressure" actually come from the laser

  Speaking of laser marking, and some people feel strange? Tell them: phone shell, LOGO, text introduction, bar code, keyboard, TV, switch, refrigerator, washing machine, bottle, and clothes on the printing ..... are laser marking machine masterpiece Oh!

  Laser marking high quality high value
  With the development of science and technology, people's quality requirements of the product is getting higher and higher. Traditional ink printing or paper labeling products, easy to fade and there are security risks, and use the laser marking out of the keyboard, shell, etc. never fade, and safe and environmentally friendly.

  In addition to quality, and now people's aesthetic taste is also getting higher and higher. Take a look at the traditional inkjet LOGO, text, icons, and then look at the laser marking out of the effect, and instantly feel that they are forced to raise more than just a little!

  Laser marking high efficiency
  Why laser marking so fast has been integrated into all aspects of our lives?
  Laser marking quality good value has been high, we are also obvious to all!
  The most important thing is the laser marking production efficiency is high ah!
  Laser marking eliminates the need for expensive "consumables" and other expensive consumables in the traditional marking, saving a lot of money while improving efficiency and quality. It really did it fast and good!
  Laser marking to achieve personal customization
  If you can also give yourself a private order, you will choose where to engrave, will be engraved on what pattern?
  Own name, two-dimensional code, give friends a custom gift!
  However, you must first have a laser marking machine.