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Medical device products using laser marking machine tag analysis

Medical products escort our health. Due to the particularity of medical products, medical products have strict quality standards and attach great importance to the hygiene and safety during processing. Therefore, the labeling requirements of medical products are very high. The traditional way of spraying marks often can not be used for marking because the paint contains poisonous and polluting harmful substances.

Therefore, in the medical industry, laser marking has also become the preferred marking method. Laser marking locally irradiates the workpiece with high-energy-density laser to vaporize or color-change the surface material to leave a permanently marked Kind of marking method. At the same time, the process of processing, do not need to touch the surface of processed goods, there is no mechanical extrusion and mechanical effects, no cutting force, thermal effects of small, to ensure the original accuracy of medical products. At the same time a wide range of applications, most of the metal material can be marked with non-metallic, and durable marking, not easy to wear, which greatly meet the special medical materials now labeled needs.

At present, with the continuous improvement of types and types of laser marking machines, the application of laser marking equipment in current medical fields is also more in-depth. Whether in the processing accuracy, mark the effect, or manufacturing costs above, laser marking has the traditional processing methods can not be comparable to the advantages. Because it ensures the high quality and high precision of marking, it guarantees the reliability of the system as well as excellent repeatability. At the same time the laser can mark what kind of information, only with the contents of the computer design, as long as the use of computer design proofs proofing, laser marking device can follow the design of the graphics recognition tag, the tag information is accurately marked in Medical products above.

 Laser marking technology compared to the original traditional medical marking method, not only more flexible operation, and higher reliability, create more space. However, with the continuous innovation of new technologies in the medical field or the continuous change of sensitive materials, laser marking technology can not stop its pace and need constant innovation and improvement so as to better meet the demand in the medical field and to be closer to the development of the medical industry Need, so that the laser technology to better help the development of the current medical field.