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Multi-angle display fiber laser marking machine technology applications importance

  From a global market point of view: At present, laser technology is being paid attention to all over the world. Especially in Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and other countries, the laser technology is being vigorously researched, developed and applied in an attempt to compete for the world market. More than 10 years ago, China's home appliance market was still dominated by Japanese brands, including Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi, Sanyo, Mitsubishi and Fuji. With the rise of local brands, Midea, Gree, Galanz, Yungson, Haier, , TCL, Skyworth, etc. have basically occupied the market. Next, the domestic appliance products to move towards efficient production, high-end quality, the key lies in the reform of the production line, the use of new technology. Therefore, the appliance manufacturing and application of laser processing is a strategic need, the situation needs, the market needs, we should keep pace with the times, with the world science and technology, enhance international competitiveness, sharing science and technology "cake."

  From an aesthetic point of view: In the past, consumer demand for household appliances was economical and durable. Since the reform and opening up, with the continuous improvement of social life, material wealth increased year by year, more and more varieties of household appliances, more and more innovative style, people's consumption concept has changed. The demand for home appliances not only needs to be durable, but also beautiful and generous. Application of laser technology in the household appliances marked graphics, text, order, etc., processing fine, clear, wear-resistant. As long as you feel it, I feel very comfortable. The product icing on the cake, worth double, unlimited sales. Compared with the traditional mechanical engraving, chemical etching, screen printing, ink printing and other methods, laser marking with low cost, high flexibility, computer system control, and the role of laser marking on the workpiece surface permanent solid Its salient features. Fiber Laser Marking Engraved objects fine patterns, the minimum line width of up to 0.04mm. Marked, durable, beautiful.
Therefore, the application of optical fiber laser marking machine technology is easy to be accepted by the City Yang, more popular with consumers! Also in line with the current consumer psychology and trends.

  From a technical point of view: At present, the United States, Haier, Gree, Hisense, Rainbow, Shinco, BBK, TCL and many other well-known domestic appliance companies have introduced advanced automated production technology and laser processing technology so that traditional technologies can be improved. Traditional sawing, mechanical cutting, oxygen acetylene torch, EDM, toothless saw cutting, water jet (including diamond) cutting, plasma cutting torch and other processes, are gradually replaced by modern laser technology. To laser cutting, for example: Because it is the invisible beam instead of the traditional mechanical knife, the mechanical part of the laser cutter no contact with the work, the work will not cause scratches on the work surface, and the speed, smooth and smooth incision, Generally do not need to follow-up processing; cutting heat-affected zone is small, small deformation plate, narrow slit (0.1mm ~ 0.3mm); no mechanical stress incision, no cutting burr; high precision, good repeatability, without damaging the surface of the material; Programming, Machinable any plan, you can cut a large whole plate, without the need to open the mold, economical and time-saving, the production and processing of home appliances is very suitable.