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New energy battery Laser cleaning process

The production of lithium-ion batteries includes three parts: pole piece manufacturing, battery cell manufacturing, and battery assembly. Adding laser cleaning to the three manufacturing processes can greatly improve the battery manufacturing process level.

1. Laser cleaning before coating the positive and negative plates

The positive and negative plates of lithium batteries are made by coating lithium battery positive and negative materials on thin metal strips. When the electrode materials are coated on the thin metal strips, the thin metal strips need to be cleaned. The thin metal strips are generally aluminum thin or thin metal strips. The copper is thin, and the original wet ethanol cleaning is easy to cause damage to other parts of the lithium battery. The laser dry cleaning machine can effectively solve the above problems.(China Laser Cleaning Equipment on Sales Supplier

2. Laser cleaning before battery welding

Using pulsed laser direct radiation decontamination, the surface temperature rises and thermal expansion occurs. The thermal expansion causes the contaminants or the substrate to vibrate, so that the contaminants overcome the surface adsorption force and detach from the substrate surface to achieve the purpose of removing the surface stains of the object. This method can effectively remove dirt, dust, etc. on the end face of the battery pole, and prepare for battery welding in advance to reduce defective welding products.(Laser Cleaning Equipment on Sale Factory

3. Laser cleaning during battery assembly

In order to prevent safety accidents of lithium batteries, it is generally necessary to apply external glue treatment to the lithium battery cells to play the role of insulation, prevent the occurrence of short circuits, protect the circuit, and prevent scratches. Laser cleaning the insulating plates and end plates, cleans the dirty surface of the cell, roughens the cell surface, improves the adhesion of glue or glue, and does not produce harmful pollutants after cleaning. It is an environmentally friendly green cleaning method. This is becoming more and more important when the world pays great attention to environmental protection.

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