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PCB laser marking machine to help flourish SMT electronic manufacturing industry

  PCB is one of the important components in the electronics industry. The output value of the industry accounts for about a quarter of the total output value of electronic components. It occupies the largest proportion in the various electronic components industry. The flexible PCB (FPC) One of the fast sub-industries. The advent of the 5G era also poses higher requirements for the R & D, production and management capabilities of the majority of PCB enterprises. Enterprises must provide more cost-effective products to the market faster and enhance the efficiency of product management retrospective. .

  In this way, laser marking machine as one of the industrial laser equipment to the development of the PCB industry has played an important role, laser marking machine, laser marking technology and computer integration, the use of computer control systems now, not only in the metal And non-metallic materials marked two-dimensional code, you can also customize the personalized mark a variety of text, product numbers, bar codes, serial numbers, production dates, patterns, logos and some special signs.

  In order to better control the quality of the products, it is necessary to record the relevant production information so as to facilitate the full traceability and quality control of the electronic products. The information of the products in the intrinsic structure - the information of the PCB labels must be clear, and at the same time improve the productivity, reduce the cost, Reduce pollution, adapt to multi-species, small batch production direction. In order to better realize the control of many pcb boards in the production process of the products, marking information on the pcb board, such as production batches, characters, bar codes and other information, has become the development trend of the industry. As the high-tech means of marking processing, laser marking machining has the advantages unmatched by traditional processing methods. Unlike traditional processing methods, laser processing is a method of partially irradiating a workpiece with a laser of high energy density to vaporize the surface material or A chemical reaction that changes color, leaving a permanent marking of a marking method.