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Potential applications in laser welding in shipbuilding were analyzed

In the mid - 1990 - s, laser, as a kind of heavy industry manufacturing tools used in shipbuilding industry.Large ships manufacturing method by riveting to welding gradually change, welding method, process and equipment is also growing steadily, from previous gas welding, arc welding, to laser welding.The continuous development of shipbuilding technology, drive the ship material and a major change in the ship design.
Some early Japanese shipyard will use laser cutting equipment to obtain the correct cut size and good cutting quality, and benefit from it.In 1992, Vosper Thornycroft shipyard installed in Europe first laser cutting equipment., late in the 90 s, the European shipyards were installed for welding and cutting equipment.In the United States, Bender shipyard is the first to use high power laser cutting equipment in the shipyard.Bender in 1999 using 6 kw Tanaka LMX Ⅲ laser, made great progress in manufacturing capital and quality.In 2001, the federal ministry of electric ship installed 4 kw ESAB in its mobile laboratory system.The application of laser cutting equipment in Bender, caused the attention to develop efficient laser welding technology.The graph below laser manufacturing technology and system application examples in Europe a few yards.
Now the world industries are toward low energy consumption, short flow direction, the laser manufacturing has many advantages compared with traditional manufacturing methods, all countries in the world increased the importance of development of manufacturing industry.But compared with foreign, is still a matter of laser application technology to meet the promotion in our country, also did not play a proper role.Investigate its reason, the first is of high capital, high laser manufacturing system into;In order to more widely popularize the application of laser manufacturing technology, make up high into the topic, need to be fully familiar with the key factors affect the laser manufacturing technology application, on the basis of considering the ship itself demand, such as laser processing system into factors, capital control, finding the best machining condition, the progress the efficiency of the method, the ultimate form of a new generation of laser manufacturing industry chain in China.
Modern laser manufacturing as general processing method, one of the frontier is an extension of the application field, laser application technology are put forward and solving the new topic.Focus in automotive, aerospace vehicle, ship and railway vehicle, the light-duty transport machinery, metallurgical industry and the trend of the development of circular economy, to realize laser manufacturing technology in the field of national defense and key industries of industrialization application.Technology put forward new requirements of laser manufacturing system at the same time, such as laser miniaturization, high conversion efficiency and integration, optical fiber laser and semiconductor laser will be developing.Driving laser manufacturing technology in our country towards a higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, process shorter, beam quality is higher, better performance, more digital, intelligent, the direction of capital is lower, change our country the present situation of the great industrial laser manufacturing equipment completely rely on imports.
The application of laser technology in shipbuilding but also has its unique characteristics, processing and application characteristics of this as the ship itself and the characteristics of laser manufacturing system.The aluminum alloy material has gradually become the key of transport machinery manufacturing, ship all aluminum structure shows a good development prospect, with advanced laser manufacturing technology, shows the infinite development potential.