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Precautions for laser welding of aluminum alloy

Laser welding machine has the characteristics of high energy density and fast welding speed. It is a great weapon for welding aluminum and its alloy materials. For aluminum and aluminum alloy products or accessories to be welded firmly and beautifully, an aluminum alloy laser welding machine is required. Although the laser welding effect is better, aluminum and aluminum alloys have the characteristics of high reflectivity and low attraction rate. There are still technical difficulties in welding. Therefore, some points should be paid attention to when using laser welding:

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1. When laser welding aluminum alloy, there will be light reflection on the surface of aluminum alloy, because aluminum alloy is a non-ferrous metal, it has the characteristics of high reflectivity and low absorption rate for laser. Therefore, before welding the aluminum alloy, it is necessary to clean the surface of the aluminum alloy to remove the oil stains on the surface. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent safety threats such as explosion caused by oxidation during welding, and thoroughly clean and remove the oxide film on the metal surface.

2. Because aluminum alloy is active and easy to be oxidized, a large amount of dust and moisture are easy to adhere to the surface. Therefore, if we are not fully prepared during the welding process, with the rapid laser welding, things attached to the surface will easily remain on the surface of the aluminum alloy, which will affect the quality and welding effect of the aluminum alloy.

3. Metals have thermal conductivity, so aluminum alloys also have strong thermal conductivity. When laser welding is used, it is easy to reflect the laser or quickly transfer the heat of the laser, which will eventually lead to the failure of aluminum alloy welding. Therefore, when laser welding aluminum alloy, it is necessary to strictly pay attention to and quickly increase the power density of the laser to prevent it from being reflected or transmitted, and strive to weld a high-density aluminum alloy within a limited time. In this way, problems such as reflectivity can be avoided.

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Precautions for the use of laser welding machine

1. In the process of operating the laser welder, if you encounter an emergency (water leakage, abnormal sound from the laser, etc.), you need to press the emergency stop immediately and quickly cut off the power supply. 
2. The external circulating water switch of laser welding must be turned on before operation.
3. Because the laser system adopts water cooling method and the laser power supply adopts air cooling method, if the cooling system fails, it is strictly forbidden to start working.
4. Do not disassemble any parts of the machine at will, do not weld when the safety door of the machine is opened, and strictly forbid to look directly at the laser or reflect the laser while the laser is working, and use your eyes to face the laser welding head to avoid eye injury.
5. Do not place flammable and explosive materials on the laser light path or the place where the laser beam can be irradiated, so as to avoid fire and explosion.
6. When the machine is working, the circuit is in a state of high voltage and high current. It is strictly forbidden to touch the circuit components in the machine while working.
7. It is forbidden to operate the machine by untrained personnel.