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Research direction of laser technology and future analysis

  • Author:Jessica
  • Release on:2017-07-04
  The world's first laser was born in 1960 and our country developed the first laser in 1961.
More than 40 years, fast development of laser technology and application, has combined with multiple disciplines to form multiple application technical field, such as photoelectric technology, laser medical treatment and photonic biology, laser processing technology, laser detecting and measuring technology, laser holography, laser spectral analysis technology, nonlinear optics and ultrafast laser, laser chemistry, and quantum optics, laser radar, laser guidance, laser isotope separation, laser controlled nuclear fusion, laser weapon and so on.The emergence of these cross technologies and new disciplines has greatly promoted the development of traditional industries and emerging industries.
  Laser processing technology is the use of the characteristics of the interaction between laser and material on the material (including metal and nonmetal) for cutting, welding, surface treatment, punching, micro machining, and as the light source, such as object recognition of a foreign technology, the traditional application of the largest fields for laser processing technology.
Research and development of laser processing technology and industrial development
  At present, the research and development of laser processing technology and industrial development can be summarized as follows:
(1) the new generation of industrial laser research is currently in the update period of technology, and its symbol is the development and application of diode pumped solid-state laser.
(2) study on the application of laser micro-processing.
(3) and solid laser processing with high power CO2 laser and excimer laser machine research and development and research form a complete set of laser processing machine tools for special purpose, improve laser products on the production line and stable operation cycle.
(4) the intelligent machining system, system integration is not only the process itself, but with a real-time detection and feedback processing, with the establishment of the expert system, intelligent processing system has become the inevitable development trend.
(5) establish test methods for parameters of laser processing equipment and conduct method research.
(6) research on laser cutting technology.The existing laser cutting system is developed and industrialized twice, providing good performance and cheap 2-3 axis nc CO2 cutting machine
(7) laser welding technology research.To develop laser welding technology and materials, welding technology requirements for equipment and welding process parameter monitoring and control technology research, to grasp the ordinary steel, non-ferrous metals and special steel welding process.
(8) laser surface treatment technology research.The study of CAD/CAM technology, laser surface treatment technology, material performance and laser surface treatment process parameters monitoring and control research, the laser surface treatment technology can be applied to production more widely.
(9) study on the quality of laser beam processing and peripheral devices.The quality requirements of laser beam, laser beam and processing quality monitoring technology, optical system and processing head design and development are studied.
(10) carry out research on laser processing technology, focusing on the research and promotion of material surface modification and heat treatment;The application of laser rapid forming technology is developed to broaden the field of laser application.