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Science and technology to change life: laser marking for pesticide label New Deal escort

  For pesticide products, packaging and labeling is like a face, is the carrier of pesticide product information, but over the years, China's current pesticide label problem highlights: the operator privately expand the registration of crops (control objects) and the use of prominent commodity name, weakened GM Name, label on the illegal mark exaggerated advertising slogan, near the brand name and other non-standard situation everywhere.
  Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture issued a "pesticide labeling and manual management approach" to standardize the management of pesticide labels and instructions to ensure the safety of pesticide use. In addition to the contents of the label to do a strict specification, clearly that the label must be marked on the effective information, put an end to all exaggerated, false, conceal the behavior.
  At the same time, the "Pesticide Management Regulations", "Pesticide Labeling and Manual Management Measures", the new traceable electronic information code is an important part of the emphasis on pesticide traceability, so that pesticides have their own "electronic ID card." Traceable electronic information code should be marked in the form of two-dimensional code, etc., to scan the identification of pesticide name, pesticide registration certificate holder name and other information.
  And the previous label is not the same, in accordance with the new regulations, pesticide trace electronic information code is a one-yard, each label on the two-dimensional code is not the same, the only need for more advanced technology to new Regulatory escort, but also means that the original manufacturers to complete the replacement of old and new tags, update logo equipment. And laser marking at this time to show its "online marking" aspects of the unparalleled advantages.
  On-line laser inkjet printer, you can easily achieve the "one thing one code", only need to set a specific "operating system" above, you can accurately, quickly and flexibly achieve any marking needs, even the situation is extremely complex Water production line, can also run freely.
  The emergence of new technologies to drugs and even food regulation has brought convenience, and social and economic development of the technology also put forward new requirements. At present, the traditional way of the code has been unable to meet the pesticide industry in large quantities, high efficiency of the demand, and most of the pesticide companies do not have a high degree of integration of the production line, the need for existing production lines to install or transformation.