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Share cycling soaring two-dimensional code laser marking machine welcome opportunities

  The past two years, sharing bicycles from 0 to 100, red, yellow, green, blue and purple color gather all, they are like a volcanic eruption generally spewing out. As long as we casually search with a cell phone, a wide range of shared bike app will be able to fill the screen. This shows that the shared bicycle has entered a period of explosive growth, and Mohamed, ofo, Xiao Lan and other shared bicycles have entered Shenzhen one after another. Their appearance soon solved the troubling "last mile" and was described by the media as "the last perfect puzzle for urban transport."

  It is understood that as of mid-September 2017, Shenzhen has gathered more than 10 shared bicycle brands, the official statistics of the number of shared bicycles up to 890,000, equivalent to every 15 Shenzhen have a shared bike, the average daily usage 543 million passengers. However, while the number of bicycles is soaring, there are still many problems with sharing bicycles. In the process of user lending, acquiring the code of the smart lock by scanning the two-dimensional code is a mode taken by most of the currently shared bicycles. However, after the shared bicycles appeared in various cities, the two-dimensional code was damaged.

  As a leasing family, I feel deeply that after sharing the two-dimensional code of the bicycle is destroyed, we can not borrow it at all. Such a bicycle has already been used by some people for its own purpose and has become a "shared car." For such a situation, I thought of a coup, in the shared bicycle marked laser two-dimensional code, two-dimensional code records the owner's information, so that illegal profits can be reduced profit margins, increase the cost of crime so that the bike look good Not easy to lose.

  The reason why the laser two-dimensional code marking can help police anti-theft is that the laser marking text and graphics are not only clear and precise, but also can not be easily erased, modified and imitated, which can effectively avoid sharing the two-dimensional code Been scratched, damaged.

  Industry experts, laser marking is mainly the use of high-energy laser light on the workpiece partial exposure, the surface layer material vaporization or color changes in the chemical reaction, leaving a permanent marking a marking method. Laser marking can play a variety of text, graphics, etc., and heat-affected area is small, fine processing, low cost, easy to operate, non-polluting.