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Status of Laser Marking Machine Industry Chain

  Laser marking in China is the largest laser processing equipment industry, the most widely used, the equipment is also the most manufacturers are particularly large, most of the laser companies are producing or assembling laser marking machine.

  China's manufacturing standard marking system technology has been quite mature, and there have been many signs of division of labor, the formation of a variety of marking machine manufacturers supporting the professional upstream of the accessories company, such as laser power company specializing in the production of light power, semiconductor laser power , The company specializing in the production of laser marking software and control interface, machining company specializing in the production of cabinets, precision machinery, the company specializing in the production of laser, Parts, but also to provide a full set of marking machine accessories one-stop professional matching accessories company.

  Laser marking industry chain, including laser marking machine and marking process two aspects, relatively speaking, marking process than cutting and welding to be simple, but if it is UV laser marking and color laser marking is not easy, Marking mechanism is also more complex. Usually marking the depth of the carving or thermal effect and the formation of contrast with the color of the material appears to mark, more of a physical change.

  There are many types of lasers used in the marking machine, gas lasers have pulsed carbon dioxide lasers, continuous wave carbon dioxide lasers, excimer lasers, etc., but mainly continuous-wave carbon dioxide lasers.

1. DC-excited glass tube CO2 laser: China's own production of lasers are basically DC-excited glass tube CO2 laser, the advantage is low cost, but the beam quality and service life are problems.

2. RF-excited CO2 lasers: are basically imported to Coherent, Synrad and Universal monopolize the domestic market, and the price is not low.

3. Lamp-pumped and semiconductor-side pump solid-state lasers: basically dominated by domestic, related accessories such as lights, rods, optical lenses, pump cavity, laser power, Q switching power supply, semiconductor laser power are dominated by domestically , But the sound and light Q switch and pump cavity ceramic reflector to import the main.

4. Semiconductor end pump laser: Among them, 1064nm and 532nm wavelength laser to domestically, but 355nm and 266nm wavelength laser to import the main, acousto-optic Q-switched laser acousto-optic modulator and the driver is basically the main import, And the British Gucci products monopoly of the domestic market.
5. TEA pulsed carbon dioxide laser and excimer laser: used to mask marking, but small, no climate formation.

6. Fiber lasers: the German IPG products monopoly of the domestic market.