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Steps and methods for debugging laser optical system (2)

2021-08-26 10:22:20

10. The next step is to debug the laser, and circulate the chiller with the power supply type cooling water normally.

11. Connect the laser power supply, acousto-optic Q driver, and high-speed scanning galvanometer power supply to make them work normally (use the equipment according to the operating procedures).

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12. When debugging the laser, be sure to close the acousto-optic Q drive power or set the modulation file to external modulation before debugging, otherwise there will be no laser output.

13. At this time, the frequency doubler (laser detection film) can be placed behind the output mirror for investigation. At this time, there should be laser output (if not, the current can be slightly increased).

14. Adjust the tilt and side knobs of the total mirror to make the laser output light spot better (large and bright).

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15. After the fine adjustment is completed, the laser debugging is completed, and you can enter the rear optical system (beam expander, scanning mirror, and plan scanning mirror) for debugging.

16. Optical beam expander, the device behind the output mirror has a 4x optical beam expander, its function is to reduce the divergence angle of the beam, improve the quality of the laser beam, and make the laser power density for writing on the workpiece higher and the width of the marking line smaller . Adjustment requirements: Adjust the tightening nut and the tilt and side rotation knobs of the beam expander to make the beam pass through the middle (in the middle and out) and reach the middle of the entrance hole of the scanning head.

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17. Plan scanning lens. After the laser beam passes through the beam expander, it is reflected by the X-Y scanning mirror to reach the plan scanning lens. The lens device is screwed in from bottom to top, and the distance between the upper end surface and the galvanometer meets the technical requirements.

18. Adjust the intensity of the light spot at the four corners to be uniform and common. If it is not uniform, adjust the beam expander to make it uniform.

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