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The 2022 Winter Olympics will give everyone a new understanding of lasers

The 2022 Winter Olympics is another sports event in China after the 2008 Summer Olympics. With the improvement of people's living standards, sports and fitness have become a fashion, and the holding of various international events has further ignited people's enthusiasm for competitive sports. So why do the Winter Olympics make us re-understand laser technology?

The 1,268 decorative patterns of the "Flying" torch were engraved by lasers. At the opening ceremony, 24 lasers "engraved" into "five rings of ice and snow", and then used lasers to write on "clouds", 3D printed carbon fiber speed skating shoes, and "cut" with lasers Cut out anti-cut skating suits and more.

From the design of the torch to the opening ceremony to the construction of the venue, and even down to the competition equipment and athletes' clothing, laser technology can be seen. It can be said that this Winter Olympics will make full use of laser technology.

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Laser Cutting Technology

What I have to mention here is that laser cutting technology is used for many competition equipment in the Olympic Games, such as skis used in various fancy competitions in the Winter Olympics.

Carbon fiber composite materials (CFRP) are widely used in sporting goods, such as skis, ski poles, racing cars, poles, ice hockey sticks, croquet sticks, softball bats, bows and arrows, etc.

The composition of carbon fiber composites, especially the high thermal conductivity of carbon fibers, makes them difficult to process with conventional techniques. Mechanical milling and drilling can cause thermal damage, chips, delamination and tool wear. Laser cutting machines can avoid these problems, so they are more and more used in carbon fiber composite sports equipment processing. In addition, the common metal material processing in the competition also uses laser cutting technology.

Short track speed skating events According to regulations, short track speed skaters must wear the following protective equipment when participating in the competition: short track speed skating safety helmets, cut-resistant gloves or mittens made of leather, durable Material ankle guards, long-sleeved trousers, padded hard shell knee pads, neck guards to protect the neck arteries.

At the Winter Olympics, many Chinese athletes wore cut-resistant skating suits to avoid scratches on the skates. This is a thin and light cut-resistant composite material to manufacture cut-resistant skating suits, which achieved breakthroughs through different fiber blending processes.

However, the excellent anti-cutting characteristics of the material make the traditional stamping cutting, can't cut material and the use of electric scissors will lead to the curling of the skating suit, and the deformation and threading of the cutting part will occur. Finally, laser cutting is used to realize the cutting problem. The laser cutting speed is fast and the operation is simple. Just input the graphics and size to be cut into the computer. After accurate calculation by the typesetting software, the cutting machine will cut the entire material into the required size. The finished product does not need tools or molds, and uses lasers to achieve non-contact processing, which is simple and fast, and improves the efficiency of production and processing.

This Winter Olympics is not only a wonderful "answer sheet" for Chinese technology in recent years, but also allows everyone to re-understand the laser, this familiar and unfamiliar "arms of the country".

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