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The Principle of the Laser Marking Machine

  • Author:Jessica
  • Release on:2017-06-06

   The system is composed of laser, XY scan mirror, field mirror and computer controlled typing software.Its working principle is the incident laser beam to two reflector (scan mirror), using computer control mirror reflection Angle, the two reflectors respectively along the X, Y axis scanning, so as to achieve the laser beam deflection, that has a certain power density of laser focus on marking materials according to the requirements of the movement, thus permanent mark on the material surface.The focal spots can be round or rectangular.In vibration scanning system, vector graphics and text can be used.This method is used in computer graphics software to deal with the graphics, it is characterized by high efficiency, good graphics and no distortion.It greatly improves the quality and speed of the laser.The oscillators can also be marked by a dot formation.This way is very suitable for online marking, according to the production line of different speeds can use one or two scanning galvanometer scanning galvanometer, compared with previous methods, you can mark more lattice information, to mark Chinese characters has more advantages.The principle is shown in the figure above.