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The application of laser code on the packaging of daily necessities

The application of laser marking in tobacco and alcohol industry
  Laser printer itself has the function of the random code and security code printing, the function happens to be now, tobacco industry the most demand is expected to a magical, arguably better such as come out of the laser printer.China is a big country that is a smoker and a big food and drink country.So since there will be a lot of mei wear conscience counterfeiting selling fake makers, in order to enable consumers to better and safer to enjoy their rights and interests of the anti-counterfeiting function of laser printer is alcohol, tobacco, the manufacturers for a large number of purchase, it can cover each wine in a bottle of wine, or on every cigarette case, there is a separate coding, the coding identification permanent, clear and cannot be changed.Such extremely strong anti - counterfeit sex effectively protects consumer rights and interests, consumer can be more assured, more comfortable to choose and buy.In a broad sense, it is also good to control the price of wine and prevent market fluctuation by advertising on some bottles and boxes.
Laser code is applied in food packaging industry
  Food safety is one of the key subjects that has always been in the national interest.In this era of rapid development for everyone.Consumption has been unstoppable, so in the field of consumer goods industry, packaging used to be a special focus on one aspect of food safety is listed as a top priority, so here is going to talk about the laser printer in the application and value of the food packaging industry, the laser technology in this area to provide us with a good solution, such as puffed food, when consumer is bought bags sealing is not good enough, the packing content easy to overflow, it will shorten the time in the period of validity, as well as some sealing tight, tear along the dotted line is very difficult, so he appeared in the open in some food packaging is difficult to control, standing in the consumer's point of view these are troubling things, but the laser printer laser system can select a single film layer in the flexible packaging line.Doing so is to realize the perfect easy tear effect of flexible packaging, and the ability to maintain the integrity of the film, the outer membrane intact, so that we can see the light and to prevent from packing goods in be affected with damp be affected with damp, etc.On the other hand, aluminum foil or other thin film coated with metal layers becomes a barrier to other materials.So the properties of these materials can make laser technology precise positioning and marking on packaging materials.At the same time, the tearing line is visible through human eyes, so it is easy for consumers to tear apart the packaging.The laser marking and laser drilling technology effectively prevent the expansion of the hole and avoid the damage to the integrity of the packaging, and can also have good ventilation and moisturizing effect at the same time.We had to shock the amazing technology of the laser.
  Laser code technology is widely used in all walks of life are by no means, such as laser code application in the electronic industry, aerospace technology, mobile phone accessories, pervious to light button on the application, the application of automobile motorcycle parts, the application of military products, the application of sanitary and cosmetics, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, jewelry, crafts gifts, all kinds of metal and nonmetal materials are widely used.Don't question it, it's deeply involved in every aspect of your life.