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The laser marker will no longer be monotonous

  Laser marking technology to lead the domestic enterprises to enter the laser processing industry, especially fiber laser in laser equipment widely used, the laser marking industry has reached the market 'peak', but the laser marking application for many years, we see the common laser Marking patterns are black and white gray.

  On the current laser marking process, can only use part of the fiber laser in the stainless steel above the color mark.

  Want to mark such a visual effect, in addition to inkjet and paint, you can also use the pulse width and frequency independently adjustable laser - MOPA pulse fiber laser technology.
  When the laser is marked with a stainless steel, the color change of the surface layer of the material can be changed by adjusting the laser beam to obtain a decorative effect of different colors.
The advantage is that its pulse width and frequency are independently adjustable, adjust one of them does not affect the other laser parameters, which is Q-switched structure of the laser does not have. And this feature, to the stainless steel color marking with unlimited possibilities. In the actual marking operation, pulse width, frequency, power, speed, fill the way, fill the pitch, delay parameters and so on these factors will affect the color effect.
  But because the technology is not very mature or by a lot of limitations, in terms of price is also so that most manufacturers can not accept. Because a color laser marking machine can buy several laser marking machine.
  New Technology of Laser Color Marking
  Recently, Germany has developed a laminate of laminates comprising an outer laminate and an internal laminate, wherein the outer laminate comprises a transparent polymeric carrier, on one side of the carrier, The maximum absorption of the area of ​​the infrared dye color laser can be marked layer, this laminate is almost available for all common marking materials, this technical advantage is different from the market of ordinary laser paper.
  Japan also has a composition which can be used for laser color marking and a preparation method thereof. The composition comprises: 100 parts by weight of the polymer; the content of the laser marking powder is 0.05622 parts by weight; the content of the temperature sensing substance is 0.16210 parts by weight. The method comprises the following steps: melt blending the components of the polymer, the laser marking powder and the temperature sensing substance according to the composition ratio. The invention can reduce the original material structure or generate a new substance by adding the temperature sensitive material and utilizing the heat generated in the laser marking process to cause the thermal sensitization material to undergo thermal decomposition and oxidation reaction at a certain temperature, At the same time produce a new color, this color change is unidirectional, irreversible, after cooling can not restore the primary colors, which can be formed on the product of a permanent permanent mark.
  Shenzhen Fibo Laser is studying the laser color marking process, I believe the future of laser color markings will be more complex and diverse, exquisite decorative effect will give laser mark a wider application space, a laser processing applications have a major trend.