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The laser technology is applied in the main engine plant

  • Author:Jessica
  • Release on:2017-07-07
  Daimler, the world's largest maker of commercial vehicles, has customised two schuler lasers for use lasers instead of heavy molds for its kupenheim plant.The two production lines are intended to be used in mass production of compact vehicles, which can be switched to another cutting mode simply by touching the button.The programming of material sheet contour can be completed offline and the production optimization simulation is carried out.The stamping plants no longer need to use heavy molds to fit the different models that will be launched in the coming years.
  The three laser heads are run in series mode and the steel or aluminum coil is cut continuously at the speed of more than 100 m/min to make the required contour sheet.This process is mainly used for precutting of surface sensitive parts such as fender, side board, roof or engine cover.In the system, the conveyor runs at a speed of up to 60 meters per minute.The cut will be separated from the waste and piled up.Then, workshop two schuler press line to forming of the pre cut sheets, formation of chassis parts and components, these components are then shipped to the adjacent Mercedes Benz pulled Mr Eberstadt factory for assembly.
  Cutting programming has a high degree of flexibility for different geometries.This advanced car factory will use this technology to realize the materials and optimize the forming process.Using laser processing materials, it can not only improve the production efficiency of the future, but also develop a more ideal material profile.