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The rumors of laser cutting machine

In industrial field, we use laser cutting machine regularly. But for the people who is not familiar with the laser cutting machine, they may heard some rumors and think laser cutting machine is harmful or able to cut anything.  

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1.Difficult to operate. People think laser cutting machine is difficult to operate, but actually the laser cutting machine is constantly upgrading. Until now, it is easy to operate and much more easier than other cutting methods. It can be operate according to the easy understanding code system. It can change the cutting depth due to the different laser power and can change different parameter according to the material thickness.

2.Can cut different thickness. Though laser cutting is very efficient and able to cut thicker material, the laser cutting machine still have limit. the thicker the material are, the rougher the cutting section will be. In order to reach the product quality, thicker material normally need second operate.

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3.High power and high speed. The power of the laser machine is getting higher and higher every year, because the higher power can cut through thicker material. However, the higher power doesn’t means higher productivity. The power density is important than cutting efficient. The low power laser cutting machine have a higher laser beam quality.

4.Dangerous. People think the laser machine may leads to dangerous and catch the fire. But, it is dangerous only when the machine have been installed incorrectly. When operating the laser machine. Follow the instruction and wear the protect clothes and goggles. When you follow the steps above, it is actually very safe.