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There is a huge market for a branded laser tag on fruit

  • Author:Jessica
  • Release on:2017-07-07
  Marks & Spencer has launched a new laser-print method to mark avocados, in the hope of reducing paper waste.
  The UK retailer said it would save 10 tonnes of label & backing paper and 5 tonnes of adhesive each year from using paper sticky labels instead of using laser printers.
  The laser printing will imprint the M&S logo on the outer layer of avocado, the best date of consumption, the country of origin and the encoding of the silver.
  M&S claims that the intense light hitting the outer skin of the fruit will only fade the skin off its outermost layer, which is not destructive to the fruit and can be very precise.
  M&S fruit technical experts CharlotteCurtis said. "a few years ago, when we see the technology in Sweden for the first time, I knew we will use it. We have been looking at this technology, it's nice to finally can realize its application in avocado. Sustainable development is the core of our business, laser tag is our excellent way to reduce packaging waste and energy use."
  The avocados are harvested from the country of origin and are graded according to their origin and then shipped to the UK.After arriving, the mature avocado is placed in a tray and then marked with a laser.
  M&S tried a similar label on citrus fruits a few years ago, but it used different techniques, but the resulting peel quality deteriorated and ended up being used.
  Curtis said. "given all the practice on the avocado is very successful, we can put the laser tag technology to a variety of other fruits and vegetables. We will have the opportunity to reduce packaging waste at the speed of index times, it's very exciting."
  In recent years, sales of avocados have risen in Britain.Sales of M&S avocados last year were 12 million pounds, up 29 percent from a year earlier.