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Two-dimensional code marking, the preferred fiber laser marking machine

The role of two-dimensional code

  Two-dimensional code can store a lot of information, this can be used as a new means of publicity and marketing tools, and now is slowly being used by more and more business manufacturers. In fact, the two-dimensional code printing is also very easy, with ordinary laser marking machine can easily carry out bulk printing.

Two-dimensional code laser marking machine advantages:

  1) non-contact processing: do not touch the surface of the object can be printed, it will not cause damage to the items.

  2) Material for a wide range: in metal, plastic, ceramics and other materials to print, widely used.

  3) can be integrated with other equipment on the production line to improve the degree of automation of the production line.

  4) mark clear, lasting, beautiful, and effective security; for the two-dimensional code, the long-term effective without damage.

  5) long life, no pollution; will not produce any waste gas, waste water.

  6) low operating costs can be inserted, according to the size of different wattage is also different, are generally low. Marking speed and marking a molding, low energy consumption, and thus low operating costs. Which need to play two-dimensional code of the business manufacturers to save a lot of cost.

  7) high processing efficiency: computer-controlled laser beam can be high-speed movement (speed of 5 - 7 m / s), marking process can be completed in seconds. The printing of a standard computer keyboard can be completed within 12 seconds. The size of a two-dimensional code is so big.

  8) development speed: As a result of laser technology and computer technology, the user as long as the computer can be programmed to achieve laser print output, and at any time to change the print design, fundamentally replace the traditional mold making process, in order to shorten product upgrades Replacement cycle and flexible production provides a convenient tool. According to the two-dimensional code of the type of direct input to the computer can be.

  9) high precision: the laser can be very fine beam on the surface of the material, the thinnest line width can reach 0.05mm. For precision machining and increase security features to create a broad application space. The laser marking meets the need to print large amounts of data on tiny plastic parts. For example, a two-dimensional bar code that requires more accurate and more accurate printing can be printed, with greater market competitiveness than imprinting or jet marking. Accurate multi-dimensional code is very important to ensure the integrity of the two-dimensional code printing can be more effective.

  10) Low maintenance costs: laser marking is a non-contact marking, unlike the stencil printing process has a limited life, in the batch processing of the maintenance costs are very low.

  11) Environmental protection: laser marking for non-contact marking, energy conservation, relative to the corrosion method, to avoid chemical pollution; relative to the mechanical marking, but also reduce noise pollution.