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Ultra-fast laser cutting power screen market outbreak

  As users of the mobile phone experience and visual appearance of mobile phones, mobile phone manufacturers upstream technology upgrades, a full screen came into being, September 13, 2017 Apple officially released the tenth anniversary of the product iPone8, the generation of products using a new Full screen technology, followed by millet MIX2, Jin M7, OPPO, VIVO, Huawei, Meizu launched a full screen mobile phone, a comprehensive wave of screens has been kicked off.

  WitsView predicts that the demand for smart phone panels will reach 1.6 billion by 2020, of which the full-screen penetration rate will reach 10% by 2017, the full-screen penetration rate by 2018 is expected to reach 37% and the full-screen penetration rate by 2019 is expected to reach 55% .
Rising Sun Data Analysis Forecast The demand for full-screen mobile phone panels in 2020 will reach 1.96 billion, of which the demand for full-screen OLED panels will reach 600 million and the demand for full-screen LCD panels will reach 1.363 billion.

  In general, the screen is more than 80% screen share of the mobile phone is narrow frame to reach the ultimate inevitable result. Before the narrow border has been trying to narrow the left and right borders, and to avoid narrowing the upper and lower borders, narrowing the upper and lower borders require the entire front of the phone to redesign all the components, a great difficulty. And the screen area of ​​the full screen mobile phone is enlarged. The right angle of the display area and the fillet of the edge of the mobile phone are also narrowed as the distance between the mobile phone and the mobile phone is shortened. Therefore, the full screen cutting is necessarily oriented to the special-shaped cutting technology. And students.

  For the current profile cutting cutting wheel cutting technology, CNC grinding and laser cutting. Among them, the laser cutting relative to the cutter wheel cutting, CNC grinding has obvious advantages, including the cutting of high dimensional accuracy, incision without distortion, incision no burr, cutting without taper, cutting speed, cutting yield and can achieve any graphic cutting, At present, the full-screen profile cutting of mobile phones mainly involves the cutting of L-Cut, C-Cut, R-Cut and U-Cut as shown in the following figure. The C angle and the L angle relate to single-sided glass cutting. Glass cut, U-groove involves double-sided glass cutting.