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What are the advantages of YAG laser welding technology?

  • Author:Jessica
  • Release on:2017-06-30
  The laser welding machine is a big classification, including YAG laser welding machine technology, so what advantages does this YAG laser welding technology have?
1. High density.In the process of weld formation, the molten pool is constantly stirred and the gas escapes, creating a non-stomatal fusion weld.The high cooling speed after welding is easy to make weld microstructure, weld strength, toughness and comprehensive performance.
2.Strong solid weld.High temperature heat source and produces purification effect to absorb the non-metal components, reduce the impurity content, change the inclusion size and its distribution in the molten pool, without electrode or filler wire welding process, melting area contaminated small, make the weld strength and toughness is equal to the even more than the parent metal.
3.Precise control.Because the focusing light spot is very small, the weld can be accurately positioned, the light beam is easy to transmit and control, it does not need to replace the welding torch frequently, the nozzle, significantly reduce the time of downtime, the production efficiency is high.The light has no inertia and can stop at high speed and start again.The controlled beam mobile technology can be used to weld complex components.
4. Due to the high power density, the melting process is extremely fast, the heat input is low, the welding speed is fast, the thermal deformation is small, and the thermal influence area is small.Low average heat input, high machining accuracy, can reduce reprocessing cost.At the same time, low cost of laser welding operation can reduce the cost of workpiece.