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What are the laser scanning systems scanning method of the SLS process 3D printer ?

3D printing technology The SLS process is formed by laser sintering powder materials. The common one is nylon powder. Today, Carmen and Haas introduces the scanning method of the laser scanning system of the SLS process 3D printer.

The laser scanning system of SLS process 3D printer has galvanometer scanning method and laser head scanning method.

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1. Galvo scanning method

1) Single galvanometer scanning system

This system is generally the most widely used laser scanning system for SLS3D printers. It consists of a laser and a scanning galvanometer system. SLS3D printers generally use 50~200W CO2 lasers (wavelength 1.06m). In order to enable the laser beam emitted by the laser to be accurately projected on the scanning galvanometer with a small spot diameter, a beam expander focusing mirror is generally set between the laser and the scanning galvanometer (usually dynamic focusing is used, and the working table of the smaller forming room is Available static focus), reflector (used when the laser beam needs to change direction) and so on.

2) Double galvanometer scanning system

The dual galvanometer scanning system can overcome the limitation of the scanning range of the single galvanometer scanning system. When the size of the forming part and the corresponding forming chamber worktable is large, a scanning system with double galvanometers or even more galvanometers is required. This kind of multi-galvanometer, multi-laser scanning system is usually used to print large-size (generally larger than 1.2m) prototype parts, such as large-scale plastic prototype parts and large-scale coated sand molds and sand cores for casting.

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2. Laser head scanning method

This SLS3D printer uses a servo motor to drive the X-Y forming table to move the laser head along the X-Y direction to achieve the laser beam scanning function. This kind of scanning head does not require an expensive scanning galvanometer, which can greatly reduce the production cost of SLS3D printer equipment, and make the size range of SLS3D printed parts not limited by the scope of the galvanometer scanning system.

The above is the introduction and analysis of the two scanning methods of the laser scanning system of the SLS process 3D printer. I hope to provide you with a reference.

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