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What are the processing techniques and precautions of the laser engraving machine

Laser engraving machines are widely used in all walks of life in modern times and can be described as ubiquitous. There are countless materials that can be crafted. The applicable materials of laser engraving machine are cloth, tile, cardboard, paper, leather, PU leather, trademark embroidery, plastic, rubber, bamboo and wood products, wood, plexiglass, acrylic, jade, leather, shell, horn, animal sebum, two-color Non-metallic materials such as boards, bamboo and wood products, ABS boards, PVC boards, fibers and composite materials.

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Common processing technology of laser engraving machine

laser engraving machine

The laser engraving machine is mainly used on leather fabrics. The advantage of the laser engraving machine is that it can quickly engrave and hollow out various patterns on various leather fabrics, and it is flexible in operation and will not cause any deformation on the leather surface. It reflects the color and texture of the leather itself. Often used in shoe materials, shoe uppers, luggage, leather goods, handbags, leather clothing and other processing factories.

Laser engraving machine embroidery

The traditional textile fabric production process requires later processing such as grinding, ironing, embossing, etc. In this regard, the laser engraving machine has the advantages of convenient and fast production, flexible pattern transformation, clear image, strong three-dimensional sense, and can fully express. The natural texture and texture of various fabrics, as well as the advantages of being new for a long time. Laser engraving machine embroidery can be used in: fabric deep processing factories, textile fabric finishing factories, garment factories, surface accessories and processing enterprises.

Laser engraving machine spray

Through the CNC laser irradiation of the laser engraving machine, the dye on the surface of the denim fabric is vaporized, so as to make the image pattern, gradient pattern, cat whisker frosting and other effects that will not fade on various denim fabrics.​​

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Matters needing attention in the use of laser engraving machine

1. Avoid looking directly at the laser light and wear appropriate laser goggles.
2. Use the laser in the controllable area and add warning signs.
3. It is not allowed to be used without permission, only professionally trained personnel are allowed to operate.
4. The surrounding of the beam path should be closed as much as possible to prevent the leakage of laser light.
5. When processing wood and paper, you must pay attention to the processing speed to avoid fire.
6. The body avoids entering the beam and its reflection range.
7. Remove unnecessary reflective objects (such as metal materials) next to the work object.
8. Appropriate shielding should be done next to the processing object.
9. Try to avoid erecting the laser body at the height of the human eye.
10. Pay attention to the ventilation or exhaust conditions of the laser processing environment.