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What does QBH refer to in fiber lasers? How to maintain?

QBH is a fiber laser output device, which expands the output of the fiber spot and reduces the power density. Commonly used for medium and high power continuous light, beam divergent output, mostly used for metal cutting or welding processing.

The maintenance of QBH output head should pay attention to two points, to avoid the pollution of QBH protective lens, and pay attention to the re-pollution of crystal head when replacing QBH output lens.

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QBH protection lens damage reason

In the laser use process, improper operation will cause direct or indirect pollution of the QBH protective lens. Since the power of the fiber laser is now above kW, it will reduce the efficiency of the sheet processing effect, waste the sheet, and burn the protective lens at worst. Therefore, we must understand the reasons for the damage of the QBH protective lens and the maintenance methods.

QBH protective lenses are often contaminated by environmental dust during the laser installation process, accidentally touched by fingers or contact with other objects. Or lens contamination and scratches caused by improper operation during routine cleaning. When installed on the cutting head, it is contaminated by the gas path in the cutting head. After the QBH protective lens is contaminated and cannot be cleaned, the protective lens needs to be replaced in time. If you do not have relevant experience, do not easily remove the protective lens for replacement. Because the QBH protective lens is designed to prevent the contamination of the crystal head, if the crystal head is contaminated by improper disposal and cannot be cleaned, the entire QBH optical cable needs to be replaced. The QBH optical cable is costly, difficult to replace, and has a long cycle. If the crystal head is contaminated and not found in time, it will cause serious laser problems.

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QBH protection lens damage maintenance method

The correct way to clean the lens is to use a good cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe the surface in a spiral form from the center to the outer ring to avoid secondary stains caused by the crossing of the wiping tracks. At the same time, cotton swabs or lens cleaning paper should not be reused, and should not be wiped with water, but should be wiped with high-purity alcohol. The volatilization of high-purity alcohol will leave no traces, while water and low-purity alcohol will leave traces, causing local laser absorption to overheat, causing damage to the lens or film, and also affecting the use of lasers.