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What is optical design

   The laser is since twentieth Century, following the atomic energy, computer, semiconductor, another great invention of human beings, known as the "fastest knife," "the most accurate scale", "the brightest light. The light is emitted from the constituents of atoms, atomic energy is unstable state (that is, it will get excited state) energy emitted in the form of a photon. The laser is seduced (excitation), photon queue out, photons this photon in the queue, optical properties, highly consistent pace. For example, ordinary light bulb, such as photons from each different, and will run in all directions, It is not unity, but the laser photons is a heart to think, an effort to make, which makes their invincible, great power, so that people used the laser called "death ray". Chinese laser original called "laser", "Les", its name is English LASER transliteration, is an abbreviation for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission from English of the word Radiation first letters. It means "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation." laser full name English has already finished. The expression of the main process of manufacturing laser, laser principle has been the famous American physicist Einstein.1964 found that year according to China's famous scientist Hsue-shen Tsien suggested that "light stimulated emission" was renamed "laser" in early 1916. The laser is widely used, mainly for laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, optical fiber communication. Laser spectroscopy, laser ranging, laser radar, laser weapons, laser discs, laser pointer, laser vision correction, laser beauty, laser scanning, laser mosquito and so on.

   As everyone knows, the light propagation follows three basic laws: linear propagation light: light in a homogeneous medium straight line along the direction of propagation; independent propagation of light, the light beams meet in the transmission path when do not interfere with each other, according to their respective channels continue to spread, and when the two beams of light energy together in the same point at which point is the simple sum; the laws of reflection and refraction of light, smooth interface encountered two different media in the dissemination way, reflecting a part of another part of the refraction, propagation direction of reflection light and reflection light are determined by the laws of reflection and refraction.Based on the above laws of light propagation, we can calculate the path of light propagation in an optical system, which is called ray tracing, and is the work that must be done when designing an optical system.