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Why CO2 laser marking machine can not mark metal

Application of CO2 laser

Compared with other types of lasers, CO2 lasers are more widely used in industrial processing, especially in laser welding, laser cutting, and laser marking. Its main advantages are:

(1) Among all gas lasers, the CO2 laser has the highest energy conversion efficiency, and the output power of the laterally-flowing electrically excited CO2 laser can reach hundreds of thousands of watts.
(2) The output band of the CO2 laser is in the atmospheric window, and the loss is very small when transmitted in the air. It is less affected by environmental factors and can work around the clock. Compared with the performance of other lasers, the CO2 laser is more suitable for industrial applications. Claim.
(3) Compared with the output of other gas lasers in the output line width, the output line width of the CO2 laser is wider.

China CO2 Laser marking machine

The CO2 laser marking machine uses carbon dioxide gas to fill the discharge tube as the medium for generating laser. After a series of reactions, the gas molecules can release the laser, and the laser energy is amplified to form a laser beam for material processing, which is controlled by a computer. The galvanometer changes the laser beam optical path to achieve automatic marking.

When many friends consult with laser marking machine manufacturers about marking machine equipment, the customer service will first ask you what material you are marking on. This is because with the diversification of processing materials, the models of laser marking machines also extend There are many styles, and there are relatively suitable marking machines for different materials. Some marking machines are not suitable for marking certain materials. For example, CO2 laser marking machines are not suitable for marking metals. Purchases will be a waste of time and energy. And cost.

China CO2 Laser marking machine factory

Although the market for CO2 laser marking machines is abundant, it is not suitable for every industry. So why can't CO2 marking machine mark metal products? The reason is that the infrared band it uses, the wavelength is 10.6nm, is limited to processing soft products, and it has no effect on metal products. Different wavelengths can hit different materials.

CO2 laser marking machine can expand the intelligent and automatic functions of various application scenarios, and at the same time can improve the special requirements of automatic feeding, camera positioning, intelligent recognition, high precision and so on. It is mainly for marking wood products, organic glass, metal plates, glass, stone, crystal, Corian, paper, two-color plates, alumina, leather, resin, plastic sprayed metal and other products.