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Why does the price of laser marking machine differ so much?

  • Author:Jessica
  • Release on:2017-07-20
  Optical fiber laser marking machine or semiconductor marking machine or co2 laser marking machine, various businesses launched by the equipment can be normal use, and a lot of configuration, the only differences on brand.Because of differences in the most important laser in the laser equipment price of different equipment, glass fiber laser is the use of rare elements as a kind of gain medium, and formed in special application of radio, film and high power density of a particle conversion working medium, the final form in other working medium by the so-called laser light source.This kind of light source USES a very light range of fire, and the application of metal and non-metal marking/welding/cutting, and industrial manufacturers have a great advantage.
  A good laser accessory can have a lot of advantages for a laser device. The first cost of manufacturing and technology support is miniaturization and low cost.Good optical fiber quality does not require the strict position matching of crystal technology, which can be automatically absorbed by the photoelectric.The application of optical fiber also reduces the overall power consumption, so the lower heat and loss quantity and low energy heat won't damage anything.The energy of the output can be divided into more energy, and can be added to coordinate the multi-beam coordination.Environmental requirements are also lower, and the tolerance of dust and temperature can be used for a variety of environments.High quality conversion rates are good for energy conservation and cost.
  So when you're buying equipment, though the same name, the same name, the price is different.Therefore, in the selection of equipment, especially the laser equipment can not only listen to the price, to understand from a number of aspects.