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Why recommend UV laser marking machine?

Advantages of UV laser marking machine

1. Environmental protection: Most of them are now advocating environmental protection awareness. Like ordinary inkjet machines, people have begun to fade out of sight. UV laser marking machines use non-contact for marking, which can save a lot of resources. Compared with the corrosion method, chemical pollution can be effectively avoided, and noise pollution can be reduced.

2. Precision: The UV laser marking machine uses a very thin beam to mark. There is a lot of room for development in precision processing and increased anti-counterfeiting, especially for some plastic products, and two-dimensional bar codes. The requirements are more refined, but this can be easily done for laser marking machines.

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3. Efficiency: Nowadays, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and people are paying more and more attention to efficiency in the production process. The laser marking machine is controlled on the basis of a computer to mark. It uses a laser beam to move at a high speed. , To complete the marking within a few seconds, the speed of the laser marking machine and the computer are the same. Not only that, but it can also cooperate very flexibly with high-speed assembly lines.

Application and marking range of UV laser marking machine in the market

The information on cosmetics, medicines and food packaging used in daily life is basically marked and processed by an ultraviolet laser marking machine.

The laser beam of the UV laser marking machine is unique, mainly based on a low-power laser beam, which is very suitable for use in the current ultra-fine processing industry market. All materials used in daily life, such as medicines, foods, and most polymer materials, can achieve ultra-fine marking, with clear and firm markings. This kind of sign processing equipment also has the advantage that traditional inkjet printers do not have, that is, it is more environmentally friendly. The use of laser beam processing will not cause any material contamination. Today, when safety and environmental protection are promoted, it is obviously more suitable for enterprise use.

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The cold processing technology of the ultraviolet laser marking machine can generate high-load ultraviolet photons, which can easily damage the dielectric and electrochemical bonds of the processed material, resulting in non-thermal processing damage. The advantage of this treatment is that it will not cause thermal influence or thermal deformation on the surrounding area, and the material is intact. Many finishing industries basically choose to use UV laser marking machines for marking. The UV laser marking machine can limit the energy of the laser beam to a designated area, and can completely distinguish the marking mark from the background, thereby creating a visual impact.