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CARMAN HAAS Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
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3D laser marking and engraving systems supplier3D laser marking and engraving systems supplier3D laser marking and engraving systems supplier3D laser marking and engraving systems supplier3D laser marking and engraving systems supplier

3D laser marking and engraving systems supplier

  • Brand Name: CARMAN HAAS
  • Laser Type: Fiber Laser
  • Laser wavelength: 1064nm
  • Output Power(W): 50W/70W/100W
  • Marking area: 70x70mm --- 300x300mm
  • Up and down table: Automatic lifting
  • Application: Laser Marking and deep Engraving
  • Certification: CE, ISO
  • Warranty: 1 year, Laser Source: 2 years
 Product Information

Product Description:

Carmanhaas (Laser Engraving Machines Manufacturer) 3D laser marking and engraving systems is suitable for engraving of three-dimensional products with large arc and high drop. It is equipped with three-axis control "3-AXIS" to control the focal length freely. It can be engraved on any shape with high precision. It can cope with various stepped surfaces and realize the absence of various shapes. Differential marking. Switching settings can cope with changes in focal length, position and shape of different products. The switching can be completed without moving the workpiece.  Can choose 3D curved surface marking, relief, visual positioning system, dynamic assembly line marking and other functions.

With this laser marking and engraving technology, users can creatively quick building arbitrary drawing or patterns, free embossing personalized signs, non-tactile sensation surface marking and even laser marking colors in certain model of stainless and titanium. Users can also select automatic loading and unloading sub-system, which significantly saves setup time and the labor cost.

Product Features:

(1)Engrave many different 3D shapes: Carmanhaas 3D dynamic marking machine subvert traditional 2D marking mode. It can engrave many different 3D shapes, for example: Slope, Cylinder, Cone, Ball, and so on.
(2)Large Scanning Filed Lenses: Our standard lens field sizes are 4″, 7″, and 12″ (11.75″). Each serving a specific function to achieve different results. Need a custom solution, contact us today.
(3)Customized Beam Delivery Engineering: Our engineers and software developers are able to customize the beam delivery for specific applications.
(4)Perfect Working Performance: Perfectly present target graphics on work pieces, avoid deforming such as elongation, slope.
(5)Simple and easy is better! The software fully developed by ourselves, it is easy to learn and use. What you see is what you get.
(6)The border won’t be “ignored”. Everywhere is marked uniformly.
(7)Details show ingenuity, no matter observing from any angles, it is exquisite, perfect.

Application industry:

Mobile phone, electronic components, electrical appliances,communication products, sanitary ware, tools, accessories, knives, jewelry, auto parts, luggage buckle, cooking utensils, stainless steel and other industries.
Meanwhile, we use 3D Laser Engraving In medical industry, aerospace, tooling, automotive, military defense, electronics, home goods, oil and gas and industrial.

Applicable Materials:

It adapts to the major range of industrial parts organic and non-organic material, including metal, glass, ceramic, graphite, plastics, rubber, engineering plastics, electroplating materials, fiber and composite.
If you’re not sure if your material will mark, send it in for a free material testing study by our applications experts.

Click to learn more about 3D Galvo Scanner Head for Engraving

Machine Technical Parameters:

 Marking Samples

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 Packing Details

 P/N  Item Name   Quantity
   Laser Marking Machine  Carmanhaas  1 set
   Machine body  Split
 Free Accessories
 1  Foot Switch    1 set
 2  CD for EzCard  Marking Software  1piece
 3  Power cord (Optional )  EU/USA /National
 1 set
 4  Inner hexagon wrench    1 set
 5  Ruler  30cm  1 piece
 6  User Manual&Laser Source Report   1 piece
 7  Laser Protective Googles  1064nm  1 piece

 Package details  One set in a wooden case
 Single package size  113x85x173cm
 Single gross weight  300Kg
 Delivery time  Shipped in 2-5 days after receiving full payment

Return Policy:

We provide a free ONE YEAR Full Machine WARRANTY  and TWO YEARS Laser Source WARRANTY
Should returns be required:
Step 1) Contact us with this website email.
Step 2) Provide as much detail as possible about the problem you are having.
Step 3) Authorization to return the item will be issued.
Step 4) Return the item for the agreed replacement or refund.


Q1. Are you a manufacturer?
A1: Yes, we are professional and experienced manufacturer with our own molds and production lines.
Q2. How about quality of products?
A2: Our technicians and QC teams test the products one by one using aging line, professional devices and instruments to ensure the quality for all products.
Q3. How about price?
A3: We are a manufacturer and always offer our customers the most competitive prices.
Q4. How to place an order?
A4: Contact with online service, or sent email to us directly, we will reply to you with product price, specifications, packing etc. soon. Thank you.
Q5. May I send material to test marking performance? 
A5: Yes! You are welcome to send material to test our superior quality and service.
Q6. Can I visit your factory?
A6: Yes, welcome to visit our factory at your convenient time.
Q7. How can I make OEM or ODM orders?
A7: We have different print processing for different OEM/ODM orders. Please contact us with online service or send email to us directly.
Q8. How should I pay for my orders?
 A8: You can pay by T/T would be available for qualified bank and MOQ required for each order.

(1)For Laser Optics order delivery,can be optional with DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS etc
(2)For Laser machine order delivery, can be optional with terms of EXWork, FOB, CNF, CIF By Air or by Sea based on the buyer’s forwarders or ours.
CARMAN HAAS Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.


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