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Safety Goggles Laser Protective Eye wear Cost Effective Protective GlassSafety Goggles Laser Protective Eye wear Cost Effective Protective GlassSafety Goggles Laser Protective Eye wear Cost Effective Protective GlassSafety Goggles Laser Protective Eye wear Cost Effective Protective GlassSafety Goggles Laser Protective Eye wear Cost Effective Protective Glass

Safety Goggles Laser Protective Eye wear Cost Effective Protective Glass

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Carman Haas, Carman Haas
  • Model Number: YC-01, Safety
  • Product name: Protective Glasses
  • Application: Laser Marking Machine
  • Laser type: Laser Tube and Fiber Laser Source
  • Wavelength: 200-450nm and 740-2000nm laser
  • Usage: Protect eyes during cutting and marking
  • Color: red, black, blue, white
  • Style: Protection Safety Glasses
  • Frame Color: Optional
  • Supply Ability: 1000 Piece per Week for Protective Glasses
  • Packing: 1pc/polybag, 12pcs/inner box, 300pcs/ctn for Protective Glasses
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Lead Time: 2 days in stock after full payment

Product Summary

Protection wave length: 200-450nm and 740-2000nm laser; apply laser: 365nm UV laser, 808nm semiconductor laser, 1064nmNd.YAG lasers


Product Description

Laser has strong directional, good color, coherence and good features, so it has a wide range of applications in the fileds of military, industrial and medical. Laser has many characteristics, but it is a great threat on humanbody. Human eyes are the most sensitive organ of the laser, because eye focuses light on the retina role in bringing the energy density increased 105 times, so low doses of radiation can cause severe damage to the retina caused by decreased vision until blindness. With Laser Technology widely used in military and civilial fields, more and more attention has been paid to laser protection technology. How to do laser protection effectively becomes a great concern of many conuntries. They all developed laser protection standards. As early as 1962 the United States made a number of irradiated laser safety limits.


According to laser protective principle, current laser protection materials can be divided into three categories: one is based on the principle of linear optics laser protection, which includes absorption, reflection and absorption / reflection composite; second is based on the principle of laser nonlinear optics protection, which mainly use the third-order nonlinear optical effects,including nonlinear absorption, nonlinear refraction, nonlinear scattering and nonlinear reflection; Third, based on the principle of laser protection phase transition.


There are many types of laser protective glasses, the use of different materials, different principles,applications are also different. Therefore, to provide effective protection of the laser must be used according to the specific requirements on the laser protective glasses for a reasonable choice. The selection of protective lens, the first laser depending on the maximum output power (or energy),the beam diameter, pulse duration and other parameters to determine the maximum laser output radiation or the maximum amount of irradiance. Then, pressthe appropriate wavelength and the maximum allowable exposure time radiation exposure (eye exposure limit) to determine the minimum required glasses opticaldensity value, and accordingly select the appropriate goggles.


Our laser protective eyewear, protective wavelength :200-450nm and 740-2000nmlaser; suitable laser: 365nm UV laser, 808nm semiconductor laser, 904nm semiconductor laser, 980nm semi conductor laser, 1064nm Nd.YAG laser, 1530nm semiconductor laser, 1610nm semiconductor laser.

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