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Brief introduction of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Jessica 2017-06-06 13:07:15

   As the key technology of optical fiber laser marking, the computer in the whole of China and around the world have been growing rapidly, the application quickly by laser marking processing enterprises, the initial costs of thousands of laser marking machine fiber appear a big price cuts lower, about 3 ~ 40000, previously could not afford to buy fiber laser marker can abandon complexity and the operation of the business and the personal troubles of the diode laser marking machine and upgrade the use of optical fibers with a laser.
  Optical fiber laser marking machine, now widely used in the industries of metals, non-metals, industrial and special class marked on the application of the industry, one of the widely used in it have the jewelry, laser marking, laser marking, laser marking, fasteners capacitance of the aluminum casing, laser marking, laser marking of round chunk of sand, automobiles, such as laser markers to add some of the fiber laser marking machine is applied for egg marking, this shows the charm of optical laser marking machine.
  It is known through the search terms your customers and clients in chat devices, consultants and staff beat them mostly want to know the price of laser marking machine and can meet the needs of their documents checked, and summarized through the analysis of the United States They mainly want to use in the packaging industry, medical products, appliances, keyboards, banner signs the card, daily necessities, barcode, qr code, serial number of the product, company logo and date of production of laser marking, and a number of laser marking machines as are applied to production lines , assembly line operations, and we are constantly researching and development of corresponding laser according to the needs of online customers fly mark laser, fiber laser marking machine in the production line is mainly used for laser metal marking), air with air (mostly used for marking metal) co2 laser (primarily for food production on the mark , is used in the markup of the tobacco industry), etc.
  I believe that with the raising and development of science and technology, I believe that the future of laser fibers will be used more widely in our lives and help our lives.