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Jessica 2017-06-06 13:56:56
  Polarization is an important optical feature inherent in all laser beams. Brewster's window, reflective circular polarization mirror and absorbent film reflector are used to characterize polarization.If you ignore polarization when selecting a component, it may cause some problems or even serious consequences for your work.In fact, all laser sources show some degree of polarization.Therefore, you need to understand its impact so that the components are selected correctly.The following is an introduction to the definition of polarization, and several common types of polarization.
  Light is a kind of transverse electromagnetic wave;This means that the vector of the electric field and the vector of the magnetic field are perpendicular to the direction of the wave.When all the electric field vectors of a wave column are in the same plane, we can say that this wave is flat polarization or linear polarization.The direction of this plane is the polarization direction.(See Figure 1 below)
Figure1:Direction of polarization vector  

A non-polarized light is a wave of electric fields uniformly distributed in all directions.Although a single wave column might be linearly polarized, all the waves add up, and they don't show a polarization of dominance.(See Figure 2 below)
Figure2:Non-polarized light
  Be sure to specify the polarization direction when you order an optical coating for a non-positive light.If you don't know how to determine the polarization state of the light source, please contact our company for help.