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The future of industrial laser material processing

2017-08-01 17:21:54
  When it comes to the global market for industrial laser materials, the overall situation has maintained steady growth, but what is the prerequisite or foundation for maintaining high single-digit percentage growth?
  What is the key to winning the market?Laser enterprise's growth cannot be separated from laser technology diversification!Reviewed the development of laser enterprises, the main goal is to improve the laser output power, this phenomenon in many fields, such as CO2, solid, diode, even including the field of fiber laser.However, the increase in output power does not extend the potential market or application domain.Therefore, laser enterprises need to improve laser performance from pulse width or wavelength to meet application requirements.Many laser companies upgrade their position in the laser material processing market by expanding their technology or product mix.But what is their market or where?Large market opportunities for lasers or short pulse lasers are in consumer electronics and semiconductor applications, including brittle materials such as ceramics, sapphires, glass, polymeric materials, etc.Because of the miniaturization of parts, portability or precision materials, different laser technologies are needed for consumer electronics applications.
  And laser future important direction in the field of medical apparatus and instruments, including implants and instruments, the main reason is the high quality laser technology can satisfy the medical device field requirements, produce less residue, residue free cleaning materials.
  At the same time, green technologies such as solar cells or battery products are perfect examples of industrial lasers.So far, no single technology can cover all the industrial application of the spectrum, only through different laser technology combined with the implementation, even the fiber laser has not been proved to be a universal tool.
  Another key factor is the Asian market.You will find that Asia accounts for 40-50 per cent of annual sales compared to laser companies.Asia, especially China, is the largest market for growth.Given China's GDP, China will still create good market opportunities for industrial lasers.The Japanese market is largely occupied by indigenous laser companies, and it is still possible to create extraordinary sales if laser companies can provide laser products that local companies cannot provide.Although Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea is a major market of consumer electronic or semiconductor applications, but laser enterprise also to deal with the impact of these cyclical adjustment, the demand of the laser is still large.
  Chinese laser companies have borrowed more or less from western laser technology in the process of development.China's laser industry has been further developed thanks to the return of a large number of laser talents.The key to success for western laser companies is localization.Therefore, international laser enterprises can obtain more orders and sales, which also means that it is vital to successfully penetrate the Asian market.