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Fiber laser cutting machine antifreeze measures in winter

2018-01-11 09:34:02
Recently, cold air struck, the country's large area cooling, dear customers should pay attention to keep warm! Into the winter, many customers do not know how to freeze the laser equipment? Today, the laser sister to share on the fiber laser cutting machine antifreeze measures.

As the use of fiber laser cutting machine in recent years, a wide range of applications, fiber laser cutting machine antifreeze measures more need attention. Only familiar with the antifreeze skills operation, which can better protect the core components of the laser equipment, laser equipment to better run the job. details as follows:


◎ suitable for frequent use of fiber lasers and the need for continuous operation

Recommended: Clariant Clariant industrial grade antifreeze (model: Antifrogen N, glycol - water, industrial supplies, toxic to humans). Use the volume of the tank volume accounted for 10% -20%, not more than 20%.
Note: Propylene glycol - water type banned!

◎ Suitable for fiber laser without continuous operation

Mid-power laser just keep the chiller running at night, without power; high-power laser (maximum power in 2000W above) 24V remain open, to ensure that the coolant is in circulation and the temperature is not lower than the freezing point.


■ Add air-conditioning or heating facilities to maintain the ambient temperature at 10 degrees Celsius.
■ Operating the chiller for 24 hours, water will not freeze under the flowing body.
■ Add antifreeze ethylene glycol antifreeze to the water tank. The ice changes with the concentration of ethylene glycol in aqueous solution.
■ Fiber laser cutting machine is not long-term power outage or state, be sure to empty the water tank refrigerator.

Drainage method

A, turn off the device power, open the drain valve behind the refrigerator, emptying the water tank.
B, unscrew the filter inside the refrigerator, drain the water inside the filter.
C, unscrew the drain screw below the water pump, empty the water pump.
D, go to the water pipe behind the tank, make a mark. Use 0.2MPA (2KG) of gas to connect to a section of water pipe (Φ12) to drain the laser.
E, with 0.2MPA (2KG) gas connected to one end of the water pipe (Φ8), emptying the laser head of water.

■ Excessive pressure of gas used for draining easily damages the laser. High levels of antifreeze increase water circulation resistance.
■ It is necessary to clean all the cooling water in the laser, laser output head, machining head and chiller to effectively protect the whole set of water cooling pipelines and related devices!

Add antifreeze method

A, name: Ethylene glycol, in the local hardware chemical shop can be purchased, there are online, but the liquid can not be transported.
B, and the proportion of deionized water is about 30%, (water Qi Cheng, ethylene glycol three into).
C, 0 degrees (inclusive) the following must be added.
D, ethylene glycol is not equal to ethanol (alcohol), be sure to strictly distinguish.
E, the full name of the purchase: antifreeze glycol.