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Carman Haas F-Theta Scan Lenses on saleCarman Haas F-Theta Scan Lenses on saleCarman Haas F-Theta Scan Lenses on saleCarman Haas F-Theta Scan Lenses on saleCarman Haas F-Theta Scan Lenses on sale

Carman Haas F-Theta Scan Lenses on sale

  • Brand Name: CARMAN HAAS
  • Aperture: 10mm
  • Wavelength: 1064nm
  • Input Signals: Digital, XY2-100
  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
  • Application: Laser Marking, Engraving and Cutting
  • Delivery time: within 24 hours after receiving payment

 Product Information

F-Theta Scan Lenses on Sale Manufacturer offer 3D scanning system includes multiple pieces of lenses, at least one movable lens will move during process, and the rest lens are used for focusing. The movable lens make the focus change to match the actual focusing length with different laser focusing location on the work place. It can ensure the laser always work with the real focus point on the work place. So it can make the focusing spot size alignment and uniformity.  


1.Design compatible with a number of brand galvanometer;
2.2D and 3D mode can be switched to reduce the heat, increase service life;
3.Flexible interface. Excellent interface, fast connection with all 2D fiber optic machines, the ordinary 2D device upgrade to 3D devices;
4.Large size field lens, the light is more uniform. With field lens design, compatible with 2D working mode, optional range from 70mm ~ 300mm field lens, spot smaller;
5.3D function,the series includes Z-axis dynamic focus unit, F-theta lens and 2D galvanometer system, and self-developed special control software and control board;
6.Internal integrated of red light, using the internal red light preview system,marking more convenient and more efficient positioning;


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Technical Parameters:

 Technical Data  CH-10MM
Galvo  Power supply  ± 15V
 Rated current  5A
 scanning angle  ± 12°
 small angle time  ≤0.35 us
 Repeat accuracy  8Urad
 The maximum gain drift  25PPM/K
 Temperature drift  5U Rad/°C
 Maximum beam aperture  10mm
 Wavelength  1064mm
 Coating  High-reflective
 Laser medium  Fiber
Control Card  Output Interface  XY2-100
 Input interface  USB/PCI
 Supply voltage  5V
 Rated current  2A
Others  Power  ±24V
 Current  6A
 Working Temperature  +5℃ ~ +40℃
 Storage temperature  -5℃ ~ +65℃
F Theta Lens  Marking Area and Focal Length  70x70mm, F100
 110x110mm, F160
 150x150mm, F210
 175x175mm, F254
 200x200mm, F290
 220x220mm, F330
 300x300mm, F420

Mechanical Dimensions(mm):



 Packing List

Return Policy: 

Should returns be required:
Step 1) Contact us with this website email.
Step 2) Provide as much detail as possible about the problem you are having.
Step 3) Authorization to return the item will be issued.
Step 4) Return the item for the agreed replacement or refund.


(1)For Laser Optics order delivery,can be optional with DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS etc
(2)For Laser machine order delivery, can be optional with terms of EXWork, FOB, CNF, CIF By Air or by Sea based on the buyer’s forwarders or ours.


Q1.Are you a manufacturer? 

A1: Yes, we are professional and experienced China Manufacturer with our own molds and production lines. 

Q2.How about quality of products? 

A2: Our technicians and QC teams test the products one by one using aging line, professional devices and instruments to ensure the quality for all products.  

Q3.How about price? 

A3: We are a manufacturer and always offer our customers the most competitive prices. 

Q4.How to place an order? 

A4: Contact with online service, or sent email to us directly, we will reply to you with product price, specifications, packing etc. soon. Thank you.  

Q5.May I send material to test marking performance?  

A5: Yes! You are welcome to send material to test our superior quality and service.  

Q6.Can I visit your factory? 

A6: Yes, welcome to visit our factory at your convenient time.  

Q7.How can I make OEM or ODM orders? 

A7: We have different print processing for different OEM/ODM orders. Please contact us with online service or send email to us directly.  

Q8. How should I pay for my orders? 

A8: You can pay by T/T would be available for qualified bank and MOQ required for each order.

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