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China Carmanhaas manufacturer ZnSe/CO2 Focus Lens Introduction

2020-12-15 18:47:07

1.Definition of focusing lens: a device that gathers light.

2.The focusing lens is divided into: plano-convex focusing lens, double-convex focusing lens, concave-convex focusing lens (also called meniscus focusing lens), far-field super-diffraction focusing lens, compound focusing lens (combined focusing lens), reflective focusing lens, F- THETA lens (field lens), telecentric field lens, etc.
Focusing mirrors are divided into reflective and transmissive focusing mirrors according to the way of focusing.
3.Several parameters of the focusing lens: diameter, center thickness, edge thickness, material, coating, focal length (effective focal length), back focal length, aperture, type of focusing lens, etc.

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Carmanhaas CO2 cutting lenses mainly include mirrors and positive focusing lenses. The mirror material is silicon, molybdenum,etc.

Product Features:
(1) High purity, low absorption material (body absorption less than 0.0005/cm-1)
(2) High damage threshold coating (>8000W/cm2)。
(3) Lens focusing reaches diffraction limit(1)High purity, low absorption material (body absorption less than 0.0005/cm-1)

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Focusing Lens materials mainly include zinc selenide (ZnSe) and gallium arsenide(GaAs).
Focus lens have Meniscus lenses and Plano-convex Lenses. Meniscus lenses are deigned to minimize spherical aberration, producing a minimum focal spot size for incoming collimated light.Plano-convex Lenses, the most economical transmissive focusing elements available.

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Carmanhaas ZnSe Focus Lenses are ideally suited for laser head treating, welding, cutting, and infrared radiation collection where spot size or image quality is not critical. They are also the economical choice in high f-number, diffraction limited systems where lens shape has virtually no effect on system performance.

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