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How did beam change in the laser machine?

2021-03-20 14:55:58

In the laser machine, there are many different component. Different component have different function, but which kind of component can change the laser beam and how?

First, F-theta scan lenses. It is a lenses that focus the laser beam. When the laser beam been combined and focus, it can marking and engraving in a more precised condition. Hence F-theta scan lenses achieves inform focusing of the laser beam.

UV F-theta Scan Lenses(China UV F-theta Lens Wholesales Factory)

Second, beam expander. There are two types of expander, fixed and adjustable beam expander. What beam expander can do is to enlarge the beam diameter and reduce the beam divergence angle. The expander can reduce the power density of the beam that can lengthen the usage life of laser lenses.

CO2 10600nm 10.6um BET Fixed Magnification Beam Expanders

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All the different lenses in the laser machine have their unique role. In CARMEN HAAS you can find different kinds of lenses and in the product information you can clearly understand the function of different lenses.