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How to improve the use of optical fiber laser marking machine

Jessica 2017-06-16 15:42:40

Correct use of optical fiber laser marking machine to effectively extend life span.
  In recent years, fiber laser marking machine, with its high stability, the use of long life, wide application, good marking effect gradually stand out in the market, due to the expensive optical fiber laser marking machine, should especially pay attention to maintenance in daily production.
(1) when the light pen of the laser machine is operating, it must not touch the beam.
(2) the laser is the core of a laser marking machine. Be careful to move and avoid being broken by improper movement.
(3) in the operation, once the fault is found, it must be stopped immediately to avoid causing casualties.
(4) no laser marking machine can be started when the water is not circulating properly;
(5) when you are ready to turn off the marking machine, you must set the current at about 5A.
(6) in the work, the work size should be higher than that of operation.
(7) when the equipment is used for a period of time, it is necessary to wipe the dust off the surface with clean dry dishcloth.
(8) when the mirror is long, it will be blurred, or it will be dust, and it will be dipped in a clean, cotton pad, which will be applied to the surface of the lens until there is no dirt on the surface of the lens.
(9) equipment to stop using half an hour later, the cleanup level items and residue, need the instrument with a clean cloth cover, to prevent dust from entering the equipment.