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The difference between the laser welding machine and the laser cutting machine

Jessica 2017-06-19 13:55:37
In recent years, the laser equipment is more and more widely applied in the field of industrial processes, species also has a lot of, mainly including laser marking machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine, etc. Several types. Because the names are too similar, there are a lot of friends for laser welding machine and laser cutting machine often points not clear, so what the difference between the laser welding machine and laser cutting machine? Here’s the difference between laser welding machine and laser cutting machine:
  Laser welding machine is a new type of welding, the welding of thin wall materials, precision parts, which can realize welding, butt welding, welding stack, seal welding, etc., deep wide ratio is high, the weld width is small, small heat affected zone, small deformation, welding speed, welding seam smooth, beautiful, without processing or simply processing after welding, welding quality is high, no pores, can accurate control, focusing on small points of light, high positioning accuracy, easy to realize automation. It USES high-energy laser pulses to local heating in small area of material, the energy of laser radiation by heat conduction to the material, the internal diffusion of the material after melting to form specific molten pool.
  The level of the laser cutting machine are emitted by the laser beam by 45°total reflection mirror into vertical laser beam down, after the lens focus, focus on the place together into a tiny spot, on the spot will focus the laser power density up to 10 ^ (6) ~ 10 ^ 9 w/cm ^ 2.In the focus of the work piece by a high power density of laser spot light, can produce local high temperature above 10000°C, instant vaporization of components, combined with auxiliary the vaporized metal cutting gas driven away, so as to cut the work piece dressed as a small hole, with the moving of the nc machine tool, countless holes connected is cut to shape. Because the frequency of laser cutting is very high, the connection of each hole is very smooth and the product is very clean and clean.
  Laser welding machines are used for welding metal, and laser cutting machines are used to cut up handicrafts. Although from both definition and it is difficult to specific judgment on indirect specific differences between the internal parameters between the two, but, according to the experience, both can be implemented on a machine actually symbiotic, just a slightly different program, invoked by the laser power.