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Laser Optical Components Manufacturer

2020-05-20 18:30:37

Laser is one of the most important inventions of mankind in the 20th century. The application of laser technology has been extensively penetrated into various aspects of industry, agriculture, military, medicine and even society. Changes our world in general.

The high-intensity (brightness) focused laser beamfiber laser galvo mirrors of the laser can emit 100J of light energy in 1 ms, which is enough to melt or vaporize the material in a short time, so as to process materials that are difficult to process with different characteristics, such as welding , Drilling, cutting, heat treatment, lithography, etc.

Laser processing has the advantages of high precision, small distortion, no contact, and energy saving. Its application fields can cover almost the entire machinery manufacturing industry, including mining machinery, petrochemicals, power, railways, automobiles, ships, metallurgy, medical equipment, aviation, Machine tools, power generation, printing, packaging, molds, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Among them, the wear and corrosion of key parts and precision equipment can be well repaired and optimized by laser cladding technology, becoming a magic weapon for turning decay into magic.

CARMAN HAAS Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co,Ltd. was established in February 2016. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, testing, application testing and sales. Establish strategic partnership with senior foreign laser optical component manufacturers in the industry. Both parties cooperate in the field of optical components. Contribute to China's high-end smart manufacturing. The company's team closely cooperates with the laser processing application market and maintains close communication and cooperation with all customers in the laser industry. The laser processing involved is very extensive, including ultra-fast laser processing, power battery laser processing, laser cutting, laser marking, laser welding supplier china, laser drilling, laser cleaning, solar photovoltaic cell laser processing, laser additive manufacturing (3D printing), laser etching, etc. .