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What are the characteristics of laser robotic processing?

Nowadays, industrial industries are widely used in people's lives and work, and laser robots are generally used in cutting, punching and other industries. Industrial robots are a symbol of the emerging industrial era. The speculation of industrial robots also reduces the risk of people in the production process, frees people’s hands, and brings more benefits to enterprises. Do you know what are the characteristics of laser robot processing? ? The following is a detailed introduction by Carmanhaas:

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It does not require any tools to process objects with a laser robot. It is very fast and can process any material. Its processing features are as follows:
1. The laser head is not in contact with the workpiece, and there is no problem of tool wear;
2. It can process moving workpieces or materials sealed in glass shells;
3. The divergence angle of the laser beam can be less than 1 milliarc, the spot diameter can be as small as microns, and the action time can be as short as nanoseconds and picoseconds. At the same time, the continuous output power of the high-power laser can reach kilowatts to ten kilowatts. Grade, so the laser is not only suitable for precision micro processing, but also suitable for large-scale material processing;

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4. The laser power density is large, and the temperature of the workpiece rises rapidly after absorbing the laser and melts or vaporizes. Even the materials with high melting point, high hardness and brittleness (such as ceramics, diamond, etc.) can be processed by laser;
5. The workpiece is not stressed and not easily polluted;
6. The laser beam is easy to control, easy to combine with precision machinery, precision measurement technology and electronic computers to achieve a high degree of automation and high processing accuracy;
7. In harsh environments or places where other people are inaccessible, robots can be used for laser processing.

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The above is an introduction to the characteristics of laser processing robots. Due to the wide adaptability and versatility of industrial robots, they can be suitable for mass production of many kinds of items. No matter how bad the production environment is, they can complete the processing tasks well.