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What should I pay attention to when buying a field lens?

2020-09-04 19:22:03

Laser field lens is a necessary accessory for laser marking machine equipment, also called plan focusing lens, scanning lens and F-θ lens. It is mainly used to focus the light from the galvanometer on a plane.

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We usually choose field mirrors to match our own equipment, to match our own marking requirements, and to match our own galvanometers.

Points to note when buying field lenses:

1. What wavelength field lens should be used?
Non-metallic machines are generally 10.6 microns, that is, the field lens of CO2; while semiconductor machines, that is, the machine that mainly punches metals, have a wavelength of 1064nm; and laser engraving machines, green laser machines, have a field lens of 532nm.

2. What large format field lens to choose?
When choosing the format of the field lens, you must choose the most suitable one, and don't blindly ask for it.

3. What is the focal length of the field lens?
The design and processing capabilities of major field lens manufacturers are different, and field lenses of the same format will appear with different focal lengths. Just ask for one that is as short as possible, because the field lens with a short focal length is deep and the lines are thin.

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4. What size field lens should I choose?
The galvanometer of our marking machine is generally 12 spots, so our field lens can choose 12 spots.

5. What size field lens should be used?
Below the galvanometer is the field lens, so the thread of our field lens must be suitable for our galvanometer. The thread of the galvanometer generally has several kinds of M85*1, M82*1, M79*1, M58*1, M55*1, etc. The most common one is M85*1. The thread interface of the imported scanlab galvanometer is M79 *1. Then we can choose the one matched with the galvanometer. If you can't find the corresponding field lens, just get a thread conversion interface.