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Application of laser marking in clothing industry

Fiber laser marking machines, as a modern precision marking processing method, and printing, mechanical marking, electric spark, etching processing Compared with traditional processing methods, it has unparalleled advantages. The laser marking machine has the performances of maintenance-free, high flexibility, and high reliability. It is especially suitable for fields with high requirements for fineness, depth and smoothness. Therefore, it is widely used in metal, ceramics, clothing, beer, food, and beverage packaging. , Daily necessities and other fields.

In modern times, peoples demand for clothing is increasing, and due to the improvement of peoples quality of life, the requirements are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, traditional processing methods have been difficult to meet the growing clothing profession, and laser marking and laser cutting are used. The open method for processing is a brand new form. Laser processing is not only accurate, convenient and efficient, but also precise and conceived.

On the other hand, as a brand-new processing method, laser marking technology has gradually been widely used in the leather, textile and clothing industries. Many of the clothes we wear in our daily lives are marked by lasers and then finished with the exquisite patterns we see now. Without laser marking, there would be no richness of our clothes.

In terms of clothing, the main technology of China CO2 Laser Marking machine is reflected in garment laser embroidery, denim laser spray, laser denim polishing, laser cutting fabric, leather fabric laser engraving, appliqué laser marking, etc., and then through different The pattern is used to show the innate but unique beauty.

Carmanhaas Laser marking has the characteristics of high marking accuracy, fast speed and clear marking, and can print various characters, symbols and patterns on the flat and curved surfaces of various products. Laser marking is compatible with the advantages of laser marking and engraving. It can be precisely processed on various materials and process small and complex patterns. The printed mark has an anti-counterfeiting performance that will never be worn out. It can be specially produced for cloth labels, leather labels, metal labels, and various emblems and LOGOs with complex and detailed printing patterns. It is the best choice for brand clothing and apparel processing.

Laser engraving is used. It has the advantages of high engraving precision, hollow out no burrs, and various shapes. It is completely satisfied with the idea of ​​people seeking independent characteristics. It can be suitable for a variety of materials and multiple occupations. It can be used in shoe uppers, clothing, and shoe materials. , Luggage, leather goods, handbags, etc. for marking and cutting. Regardless of whether the laser marking machine is for the carving profession or for the leather profession, its high-power and low-cost advantages have given many manufacturers a great advantage in occupying the market and improving the competitiveness of their products.