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CARMANHAAS-- China's Scanner Welding System Industry Leader & Manufacturer

2021-09-01 15:29:54

1.The principle of laser scanning welding:

2.Why scan welding can improve production efficiency?

3.Comparison of resistance welding, traditional welding and scanning welding:

4.Customized welding mode, optimized joint strength: free editing of distribution\direction\shape.

Compared with traditional welding methods, remote scanning welding has huge advantages in terms of actual investment, operating cost, floor space and production time!

5.Scanning Welding Structure ( CARMANHAAS PSH30 as an example)

6.Synchronous movement: Galvo scanner & Robot

Galvo Scanner Wholesales China

7.Galvo Scanner Sequence of the process example:

8.Galvo Scanner Application:

9.Laser scanning welding improves production efficiency

10.Advantages of scanning welding
a.Short positioning time brings extremely high production efficiency
b.Low heat input
c.Small distortion, long lens working distance
d.The lens is not easy to get dirty
e.Reduce processing time and reduce space
f.Reduce the number of machines
g.High equipment utilization

11.Mass production application
Take the top surface as an example to calculate:
There are a total of 12 welds, each of which is 10mm in length

1.The length of a single weld is 10mm, there are 12 welds in total, and the total weld length is 120mm;
2.The robot moves four times to cover the entire area;
3.The welding speed is at least 5m/min, and the pure welding time only takes 1.5s;
4.The robot needs to move four times, each movement time is 1 second, then four moves need 4 seconds;
5.Total processing time = welding time + robot moving time=1.5s+4s=5.5s.

CARMANHAAS is now committed to the research and development of Power Battery Welding, including Square battery, Soft pack battery and Cylindrical batter application.(China Laser Welding Wholesales Factory)  Our Scanner Welding System can be used for EV Industry like Lithium battery Welding, Stator Motor Welding, Copper Hairpin Welding and other applications with the best in class manufacturing quality at economical pricing.