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Maintenance of laser cutting machine lens (2)

2021-08-31 10:22:20

Steps to clean the lens

Different lens cleaning methods are different. When the mirror surface is flat and there is no lens holder, use lens paper to clean; when the mirror surface is curved or the mirror surface has a lens holder, clean it with a cotton swab. Specific steps are as follows:

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Steps to clean the lens with lens paper: Use a clean air spray gun to blow off the dust on the surface of the lens; use alcohol or lens paper to clean the surface of the lens. The smooth side of the lens paper should be placed on the surface of the lens, and 2 to 3 drops are applied. With high-purity alcohol or acetone, slowly pull out the lens paper horizontally toward the operator. Repeat the above actions several times until the lens surface is clean. Do not apply pressure on the lens paper to prevent scratches, such as dirty mirrors. Fold the lens paper in half 2 to 3 times and repeat the above steps until the mirror surface is clean. It is forbidden to drag dry lens paper directly on the mirror surface.

Steps to clean the lens with a cotton swab: first use a spray gun to blow off the dust on the mirror surface; then use a clean cotton swab to remove the dirt; use a new cotton swab moistened with high-purity alcohol or acetone to move in a circular motion from the center of the lens to scrub the lens. After one week, change to another clean cotton swab and repeat the above operation until the lens is clean; observe the cleaned lens until the surface of the lens is free of dirt or spots; remove the cleaned lens according to the method described above. Placed on the mirror holder. It is forbidden to use used cotton swabs for operation.

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If there are debris that is not easy to remove on the surface of the lens, rubber air can be used to blow the surface of the lens. Both sides should be cleaned. After cleaning, reconfirm that there are no residues of the following: detergent, absorbent cotton, foreign matter, and impurities. The cleaned lens should not be exposed to the air. Install it as soon as possible or temporarily store it in a clean sealed container.

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Storage of optical lenses

The optical lens is stored properly to keep the quality of the lens intact. The storage environment temperature is 10~30℃. Do not put the lens in a freezer or similar environment, otherwise it will condense and frost when taking it out, which will damage the lens. The storage environment temperature should not be higher than 30℃, otherwise it will affect the coating on the surface of the lens. Keep the lens in a box, and the lens should be placed in a non-vibrating environment, otherwise it will easily cause the lens to deform, which will affect the performance of the lens.